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From Active Duty to Advising

As a veteran, I’m here to help fellow veterans through fee only financial planning.

Hi there, I’m Scott.

Hi! I am Scott Vance. I founded Trisuli Financial Advising after retiring from the Army with the goal of helping fellow military families and veterans navigate the complex military financial questions we face. I named the business after the Trisuli River in Kathmandu, Nepal where I spent the last year of my Army career advising the US Ambassador.

I have been drawn to financial topics since I was a child. Growing up my parents owned a small business. I spent many hours working with the bookkeeper making journal entries, reconciling accounts and sending checks to vendors. This interest continued to the personal finance side as one of my first jobs had an employee stock purchase program where I was able to purchase stock in the company at a reduced amount. Then I spent 22 years in the Army before retiring. I remember when the Thrift Savings Plan was first offered to military members. I was like a kid on Christmas morning. I noticed none of my soldiers seemed to understand the greatness of this change. I put together training for my Battery about how great the Thrift Savings plan is and why they should contribute. I loved teaching about this even though the soldiers probably grew very tired of me repeatedly reminding them how great this was. As I neared the end of my Army career, I realized financial planning was how I wanted to continue my service once my time in the Army was complete.  I love teaching and advising on the in's and out's of the blended retirement system, survivor benefit plan, investing in real estate and working with clients who have federal jobs. 

Hanging up my uniform did not change the core values instilled in me throughout my Army career. I implement these core values in my business and in my work with clients. I understand that the value in planning is not the plan itself but the process of building the plan. I am fee-only and a fiduciary. I put your best interest first. I do not accept commissions or sell products so my advice to you is not impacted by mysterious payment schemes. Like other service providers such as a Plumber or Mechanic, I provide easy to understand up front pricing. Upon retiring I moved to the greater Raleigh, NC area and settled in a little town named Holly Springs, NC.  I l prefer to meet clients virtually but also have the ability to meet in person at an office in Holly Springs, NC.  When I am not helping military members and veterans live their best financial life I enjoy CrossFit, SCUBA diving and MT Biking.

 I am a member of the XY Planning Network and the Military Financial Advisors Association.  

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