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The blog section provides a real look into how to solve your military financial questions and demonstrates how our services can help you.  Common topics include job changes, marriage, first child, retirement, PCS, TSP, BRS and other military financial topics.  The military lifestyle is confusing enough, adding complex financial planning topics to the mix can become overwhelming.  Finding an advisor who has your best interests in mind is difficult, so is trying to figure out how that advisor is being paid and whether or not they are earning that fee.  I believe in fee transparency and always acting in the fiduciary interest of my clients.  We work directly with you and your unique situations providing services tailored to your individual needs.  

What is the Survivor Benefit Plan?

In the military when the military member dies during retirement the stream of retirement income that military member receives stops. This sudden stop of income can mean an extreme change of financial living circumstances. The Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP) is an insurance plan that will pay a surviving spouse and possibly dependents a monthly payment. This payment is known as an “Annuity” and results in monthly payments to the spouse in most cases until their death.

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Retirement Strategy: Money & Longevity

Retirement strategy represents a big part of your overall financial plan. Factoring in longevity is a big part of that. The longeivity factor continues to grow as life times get longer and longer. Resulting in having to plan for a much longer retirement period than in the past.

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The Blended Retirement system.

The Blended Retirement system is the new military retirement system. It has added the Thrift Savings plan and modified the traditional military pension. It also includes continuation pay and lump sum retirement payment options.

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How do I compute depreciation on a rental property?

Investing in rental property can prove to be a smart financial move. For starters, a rental property can provide a steady source of income while you build equity in the property as it (ideally) appreciates over time. There are also several tax benefits. You can often deduct your rental expenses from any rental income you earn, thereby lowering your overall tax liability. Real estate depreciation is an important tool for rental property owners. It allows you to deduct the costs from your taxes of buying and improving a property over its useful life, and thus lowers your taxable income in the process.

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How to manage your Thrift Savings Plan.

For a military member, contributing to the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) is one of the 3 legs of retirement planning as a part of the Blended Retirement system. This leg is a very valuable part of your retirement. The following tips will help you to manage your TSP ensuring you receive the most benefit possible.

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Social Security: Choosing When to Claim

One of the most complex and important financial decisions you can make is when to claim Social Security. Here are some key points and considerations to think about when you should claim Social Security.

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Ultimate Summer Glamping

This article explains the ins and outs of glamping: what it is, your options, and how you can use glamping as a fun and modern way to enjoy the great outdoors.

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