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The blog section provides a real look into how to solve your military financial questions and demonstrates how our services can help you.  Common topics include job changes, marriage, first child, retirement, PCS, TSP, BRS and other military financial topics.  The military lifestyle is confusing enough, adding complex financial planning topics to the mix can become overwhelming.  Finding an advisor who has your best interests in mind is difficult, so is trying to figure out how that advisor is being paid and whether or not they are earning that fee.  I believe in fee transparency and always acting in the fiduciary interest of my clients.  We work directly with you and your unique situations providing services tailored to your individual needs.  

8 Step Summer Financial Checkup

If you find yourself with a bit of extra time on your hands in the upcoming months, you may want to use this time to check in with your family’s finances.

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Thrift Savings Plan Life Cycle funds

What is your Thrift Savings Plan invested into? Life Cycle fund? What is that? The Life Cycle fund is the default investment in the Thrift Savings plan for new military members and federal employees. It is also a choice for more senior military members and employees. The Life Cycle fund provides a simple way for a member to invest with little need to monitor and make changes.

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Thrifts Savings Plan Roth Conversions

Your family has worked hard for that money in your TSP and your military pension. You probably have substantial pretax dollars in your TSP as you may not have known about the Roth option and even if you did and made that change, the matching service contributions are made in pretax dollars. You've heard of Roth conversions but aren't sure if it will benefit you.

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Ukraine and Market Volatility

In uncertain times, our highest priority is helping our clients keep emotions out of investing and ensuring you remain focused on your long-term financial goals.

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