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News Articles

Below are articles I have written or been quoted in. They serve as a beneficial resource of financial planning information and insight.

Wine and Dime Podcast Thumbnail

Wine and Dime Podcast

Scott’s practice specializes in military and military families and helping them secure their financial futures. In this episode Scott and I talk about deployment, military retirement, and life after the military.

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The Equifax Hack Thumbnail

The Equifax Hack

I have been contacted by several clients asking Are they effected? What is the threat? and What to do? This hopefully answers some of your questions and gives you a path for the way forward.

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Are you a Real Estate Professional? Thumbnail

Are you a Real Estate Professional?

It does not matter if you are a bookkeeper, Enrolled Agent, CPA, Attorney or an employee of the IRS the tax code is daunting and easy to misinterpret. Even if you understand it the application of the regulation presents a further complication.

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Seven Common Retirement Mistakes Seen by Financial Planners Thumbnail

Seven Common Retirement Mistakes Seen by Financial Planners

If you’re like a lot of folks, one or all of these are something you want to do in retirement someday. And to help turn these visions into reality, you’re probably contributing to a 401(k) or IRA, hoping that compound growth will help you build a nest egg sizable enough to make those dreams come true.

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