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News Articles

Financial Articles I have written or been quoted in.

The articles and interviews below cover a variety of topics from being interviewed on several podcasts to writing articles and providing comments for financial publications such as Kiplinger's.  I have focused on military financial topics answering questions about things such as the blended retirement system, the thrift savings plan, survivor benefit plan, investing, and other military financial topics.  I have enjoyed educating the general public through these articles and interviews and hope to continue educating the larger military and veteran community about military financial considerations.  


Interview in Real Life Planning podcast.  Thumbnail

Interview in Real Life Planning podcast.

In Episode 16, I talk to Scott Vance about the unique financial planning scenarios of military families. Learn about his insights on investments and owning rental properties while on active duty. I hope you can stick around to get productivity tips from Scott for a successful transition from a military career to a civilian entrepreneur.

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