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Episode 1: Health insurance for military members

Today we are lucky to have Daniel Roberts she will be speaking to us about Medicare and health insurance. Daniel is the co owner and vice president of boomer benefits, a Texas based insurance agency specializing in medicare insurance related products. Her agency ranks among the top national medicare supplement providers working with big companies like blue cross blue shield, Aetna, Cigna, and others. A recognized Medicare expert Danielle was a member of the Forbes Financial Council and frequently writes Medicare articles for forbes.com be sure to listen to as Danielle gives us an update on health insurance landscape. As it stands today, she speaks about tri-care and specifically about tri-care for life's integration with Medicare for military retired folks. She also addresses the health insurance alternatives for military members who don't retire and give us some tips and tricks of HDHP's aslo known as high deductible health plans and HSA's healthcare savings accounts. Lastly, she explains the often misunderstood coverage that Medicare provides for long term care.

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