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Podcast Transcriptions

Look here for the transcriptions of podcast episodes.  With complicated military financial topics such as state and federal taxes, the military spouse residency relief act (MSRRA), the survivor benefit plan, the blended retirement system and the thrift savings plan it sometimes helps to be able to read what was said to fully understand the complicated and unfamiliar military financial topics.  I hope these transcripts help you understand the topic more fully and provide a resource to you.  

Episode 18: Define Your Family's Wealth Thumbnail

Episode 18: Define Your Family's Wealth

In this episode of Sheepdog Financial Scott is here talking with Deb Meyer, the author of the recently released book Redefining Family Wealth. As a financial advisor, she realized that most everyone she talked to was having the same economic issues, so she wrote a book to be able to reach a broader audience and help more people no matter what stage of life they are in. Her passion is teaching people to reconcile the tension between living true to your values and living in a consumeristic society. During the episode, you will hear Deb talk about how to bring your unique gifts to the world, creating financial teaching moments for your kids, and how and when to make the most of retirement. Sit back, relax, and listen in as Deb gives us the rundown planning your financial future.

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Episode 17: Introverts Have Superpowers

Sheepdog Financial is happy to welcome Karen Wickre, editor, curator, content strategist, and connector of people and ideas, to the show. Karen was an editorial director at Twitter until she decided to leave to reinvent herself as a writer and consultant. Her love of communication has carried her for over thirty years in the technology business as a writer, editor, and communications professional. Karen wrote a book called “Taking the Work Out of Networking: An Introvert’s Guide to Making Connections Count”. She discusses the differences between being an introvert and being shy. According to Karen, introverts have three superpowers, the ability to listen, the power of observation, and the ability to be curious and open. She also teaches us the essence of networking, connecting with other people one-on-one, whether you are doing it online or in-person! Listen in as Karen gives us tips and tricks to networking: when to do it, how to do it, and why you do it!

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Episode 16: Taking the Leap in Your Career and Life Thumbnail

Episode 16: Taking the Leap in Your Career and Life

In this episode of Sheepdog Financial, Scott is talking with Sara Bliss. Sara is a New York Times bestselling author, of 11 books, including Take the Leap: Change Your Career, Change Your Life, which profiles over 60 people who radically changed their careers. Almost all of the people she interviewed are making more money and are now doing what makes them happy. Are you on the edge of a change in your career? Listen in as Sara talks about the stories and people she interviewed who have taken the leap of faith and changed from the job that paid the bills to the career they love.

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Episode 15: Military and Mindful, Lessons in Balancing Your Career and Family Life

On this episode of Sheepdog Financial, Scott sits down with Benefsheh Verell, a military spouse, mom, author, and just recently retired from the Army herself. Benefsheh practices yoga, meditation, and advocates that the Army teaches meditation and mindfulness practices in basic training. believing this would help prepare soldiers for the stress of the military, family life, and the trauma they may face. This is a conversation about taking care of the mind as well as the body. It's about learning to live in the moment and increasing your quality of life. She has been there and felt the stress and loneliness. She found a way of coping and has made it her mission to teach others to endure.

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Episode 14: Financially Preparing For Adoption

Come listen in as Scott talks with Laura Coleman, an Accredited Financial Counselor with 19 years of experience in the financial industry, who is focused on the economic issues military couples face when going through the fertility and adoption process. She has made it her mission to help couples find the money and understand the financial implications of adoption and fertility. Laura believes that being prepared can help take the stress and fear out of adoption so you can focus on what is necessary, the child. If you are thinking about fertility treatments or maybe adopting a child, you will want to listen to this episode. The information Laura has given us is a must-hear and might save you some major financial issues on the road ahead.

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Episode 13: Blended Family Survival

In this episode of Sheepdog Financial, Scott talks with former USAFR Todd Gangl about how he and his wife, Tammy raised a blended family while he was in the military and how they are on a mission to help other blended families by talking about real blended family issues and sharing practical ideas on how to make blending work. Todd, Tammy, and their kids have created “StepFamily 411” seminars, and have also created “StepFamily Bootcamp” seminars to help military stepfamilies thrive at life inside the 3Ds: lengthy Deployments, Distance parenting, and the rigid Demands of military life!

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