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Podcast Transcriptions

Look here for the transcriptions of podcast episodes.  With complicated military financial topics such as state and federal taxes, the military spouse residency relief act (MSRRA), the survivor benefit plan, the blended retirement system and the thrift savings plan it sometimes helps to be able to read what was said to fully understand the complicated and unfamiliar military financial topics.  I hope these transcripts help you understand the topic more fully and provide a resource to you.  

Episode 2: Buying a home

In the second Sheepdog financial podcast we have Erica Anderson. Erica is the owner and broker of Team Anderson Realty located in Holly Springs. Erica’s is an expert in buying and selling real estate. Listen as she talks about some of the local and national trends affecting home buying. Then gives good advice on how to buy a home, how to sell a home and the value of using a provider such as an agent or home inspector. I hope you enjoy Erica’s advice and expertise.

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Episode 1: Health insurance for military members

In this episode we have Danielle Roberts, a nationally known expert on Medicare and Healthcare. Danielle gives us an update on the health insurance landscape as it stands today. She speaks about Tricare and the integration of Tricare for life with medicare. Lastly she speaks about health insurance alternatives for military members who are not retired giving tips and tricks of HDHP's (High Deductible, Health Plans) and HSA's (Health Savings accounts)

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