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Answers to Your Questions

1. What is a "Financial Advisor"?

The term “Financial Advisor” is unregulated, so it can be used by nearly anyone to describe their work in financial services. I believe the following traits define a true advisor, as opposed to a salesperson who calls themself a "Financial Advisor":

  • Compensated only by you 
  • Is committed to providing not just investment advice, but also making sure that advice serves your broader financial plan 
  • Will proactively disclose any conflicts of interest and resolve them in your favor 
  • Will tell you if you don’t need an advisor or if you’re better served elsewhere
2. How Do Fee-Only Financial Planners Charge Clients?

Trisuli Financial Advising is a fee-only financial planning firm. This means that I don’t sell any products or receive any commissions. All of my compensation comes directly from my clients. When I recommend insurance or other financial products to you, it is because I truly believe it will bring you value.

3. What is a 'Fiduciary'?

Contrary to popular belief, most financial advisors are not legally required to act in the best interests of their clients. They are permitted to sell financial products and give recommendations that make the most money for themselves or their firm. A fiduciary financial advisor cannot engage in such practices. A fiduciary financial advisor is legally and professionally bound to provide advice that puts the clients best interests first.  I am a fiduciary and as such I am bound to put my clients best interests first.

4. What is a CFP® and an EA?

CFP® stands for Certified Financial Planner. It is widely considered to be the standard for financial planning professionals. Obtaining the right to display the CFP® marks requires years of study, testing, and experience in the field. All MFAA members are required to either hold the CFP® designation or be a candidate in good standing with the CFP Board of Standards.

EA stands for Enrolled Agent. It is a tax credential awarded and regulated by the US Department of the Treasury to individuals who demonstrate expertise in US tax law. Enrolled Agents are federally licensed to represent taxpayers at all levels of the IRS, including Appeals. 

5. What do you sell?

Advice, not products. Full stop. We partner with our clients to bring education, accountability, organization, objectivity, and proactivity. Selling products, such as insurance, or accepting commissions on investment transactions works directly against that relationship.

6. What is working with Trisuli Financial like?

It depends on your requirements. We find that clients benefit the most from an ongoing relationship so that there are no limits to how we can help you. That said, we’ll work with you to craft the best fit for the scope of our engagement.

7. Can you help me with my real estate investment?

I have a lot of experience with real estate investors and advising them. I am also a real estate investor myself. My background as an Enrolled Agent gives me tax expertise to provide advice on the complicated tax implications of real estate investments.